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      Aeration Equipment

      Aeration equipment

      Got acres of aeration ahead of you? Put an Aercore behind you.

      From tractor-mounted to walk-behind, our line of Aercore Aerators deliver quality results on every fairway and green.

      Compare our Aerators

      ModelCoring WidthMax ProductivityMax Coring DepthMax Coring PatternPower Source

      31.5 in. (800.1 mm)

      22,835 sq ft/hr (2,123 sq m/hr

      3.5 in. (88.9 mm)

      2.9x2.0 in. (75x50 mm)


      37.5 in. (101.6 cm)

      50,033 sq ft/hr (4,648 sq m/hr)

      4 in. (100 mm)

      3.2x2.0-5.0 in. (81.3x50-125 mm)


      57.5 in. (152.4 cm)

      75,049 sq ft/hr (6,972 sq m/hr)

      4 in. (100 mm)

      3.2x2.0-5.0 in. (81.3x50-125 mm)


      77.5 in. (190.6 mm)

      100,066 sq ft/hr (9,306 sq m/hr)

      4 in. (100 mm)

      3.2x2.0-5.0 in. (81.3x50-125 mm)


      Precision Tines?

      Precision Tines?

      The next generation of tines has arrived. Our expanded lineup includes 3 tiers covering greens, tees, roughs, and fairways, so you’ll get the precise tine for your application.

      TC125 Turf Collection System

      TC125 Turf Collection System

      Is a turf collection attachment designed to be towed behind a ProGator™ utility vehicle with auxiliary hydraulics or a compact utility tractor with a selective control valve (SCV).

      View TD100

      TD100 Top Dresser

      Is ideal for use on golf courses, athletic fields, and other areas where an efficient means of top dressing is needed. The galvanized steel hopper is corrosion-resistant and is supported by steel-frame members for strength.

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      Buy Parts

      Look up parts using John Deere parts catalogs. View parts diagrams and parts prices.

      PARTS OnSite? Program

      PARTS OnSite? Program

      Experience a common-sense approach to saving time and increasing productivity.

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      Find Your Local Dealer

      Check out the equipment that works best for you at your local dealer.

      Get on the Green

      Get on the Green

      Now is the perfect time to see how John Deere Golf can take your course maintenance to a whole new level.

      Build and Price Golf Equipment

      Build Your Own

      Use our configurator tool to customize your next piece of equipment with dozens of options, attachments, and accessories.

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      John Deere Rewards

      Designed to help you manage your fleet, assist your bottom line, and thank you for your purchases.

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