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      Corn Heads

      Combine on dirt road driving by field


      712FC Folding Corn Head improves harvest readiness and performance

      Compare our 700C Series Corn Heads

      Modelwidth/rowfoldingstalkmaster™autotrac rowsenserow spacing

      6 rows


      30 in, 36in, 38 in

      8 rows


      30 in, 36 in, 38 in

      8 rows

      30 in

      12 rows


      20 in, 22 in, 30 in, 36 in, 38 in

      12 rows

      30 in

      16 rows


      30 in

      18 rows


      20 in, 22 in

      One tool. 2 minutes.

      That's all it takes to changeover from corn to soybeans with a John Deere S700 combine. How long does it take on a Claas machine? Find out.

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      Harvest. Smarter. Introducing the new S700 Series Combines.

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