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      Draper Platforms

      draper family equipment in field

      Increased versatility. Increased performance.

      Keep the performance you expect in on-ground cutting while taking advantage of tailored new features to make harvesting crops like canola better than ever before. All with one head.

      Compare our Draper Platforms

      ModelsWidthHydraFlex™Two-piece ReelDual Knife DriveFieldGlide Suspension

      45 ft.


      40 ft. 


      35 ft.


      30 ft.


      40 ft.


      35 ft.


      30 ft.


      25 ft.


      15 ft. 

      700c series corn heads

      700C Series Corn Heads

      Designed for superior gathering performance when harvesting standing, down or lean crop.

      s series combine moving through field overhead view


      Harvest. Smarter. Introducing the new S700 Series Combines.

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