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      Shelves of remanufactured parts

      Remanufactured Parts & Components

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      Why Reman?

      The word best

      Failed and other critical parts replaced with OEM parts, inspected, 100% dynamically tested to original performance criteria.
      Includes a John Deere-supported warranty.

      the word better

      Failed parts replaced with new parts, inspected, and may be tested.

      the word good

      Failed parts replaced with new or used parts. Fix only what's broken.


      Key Benefits

      • Reduce downtime by providing an exchange component
      • Better cost compared with outside supplier or in-house rebuilding options
      • Savings of 25-30% compared to a new component
      • Know your repair cost up front
      • One-year, unlimited-hour parts, labor, and consequential damage warranty if dealer-installed
      • John Deere quality using only genuine OEM parts and approved remanufacturing processes

      Available Reman Parts & Components

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      Air-Conditioning Compressors

      remanufactured air-conditioning compressorStay cool and comfortable with air-conditioning compressors made for the extreme conditions of off-road applications.


      remanufactured axle


      Final Drives

      Torque Converters



      remanufactured moisture sensor

      Display Monitors

      Electronic Control Units

      Engine Control Units

      Moisture Sensors


      remanufactured engine

      Complete Engines

      Complete Block Assemblies

      Short Block & Basic Engines


      Download the Engine Configuration Chart

      Engine Components

      remanufactured enine trubocharger


      Cylinder Heads


      Water & Oil Pumps 

      Fuel Injection

      remanufactured injection nozzle and fuel injection pump

      Ensure your machine is efficiently delivering the power you need to get the job done with pumps and nozzles from John Deere Reman.


      remanufactured hydraulic manifold

      We test our remanufactured hydraulic components on computer-controlled test benches at full flow and full pressure to simulate actual operating conditions. Then we complete a hydro test against external leaks. Available components include:


      Pilot Valves

      Pumps & Motors

      Rotating Electrical

      remanufactured starter




      Electronics Repair & Return

      Skilled technicians. Quick turnaround. Competitive pricing.

      This convenient service offers a true John Deere solution for the OEM repair of some of your most important electronic components. Plus it’s backed by a 12-month Limited Warranty.* Contact your dealer to learn more.

      GreenStar 3 Display 2630

      GreenStar 2 Display 2600

      GreenStar 1800 Display

      StarFire 3000

      *The John Deere Reman Electronic Repair & Return 12-month Limited Warranty covers specific repairs on each component as noted on the Service Repair Card received with the repaired unit. John Deere Reman will repair or replace unit during the applicable warranty period but is not responsible for any labor costs associated with the removal and installation of components.